Cougars and pumas dating

So, I picked up two tickets to the Cougar Ball and brought my housemate Tina (38) in on the game. A roomful of young men and older women bumping and grinding! We talked political and social change in the dating scene.Mid-conversation, a twentysomething guy waltzed up and inserted himself between us, asking if I was from the city and if I came there often and blah blah blah. If I don’t find a place, I stay in my car.” Not sure if he was trying to impress us with this questionably accurate information.

Friends told me that at 36, I could aspire to ‘Puma’ at best, but Urban Dictionary (reference point for all things linguistically hesitant) has a few entries under cougar, and they set the cutoff at 35.

My first stop is Café Milano, a movers-and-shakers kind of restaurant with a very well-dressed meat market bar scene. I try to catch the blonde’s eye while her date checks e-mail, but she doesn’t see me. He engages her, somehow gets her to admit to having cougar-ed in the past, and then distracts her date so I can move in for a conversation.

I considered the bar a place where older men hit on younger women. She’s lived here several years, still speaks with a heavy British accent and says she’s met a few younger men at Milano.

In fact, it carries a connotation of the woman being sexy, if a little predatory The term PUMA should not be confused with COUGAR, which describes a woman in her 40s seeking sexual relationships with younger men (or even JAGUAR, which describes women who are 50 ).

PUMA is one of several animal-related terms that have emerged to describe the age difference between male and female partners.

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