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En español | If cost of insurance is among your chief considerations when new car shopping, you'd be wise to consider a Jeep Wrangler. "All else being equal, new, expensive or sporty cars will cost more to insure than older, cheaper and more utilitarian vehicles." And cars with more exotic materials or sophisticated electronics can also hike up the insurance rates, Zhou says.Not only is the Wrangler inexpensive to buy and to fix, it takes the top spot on an AARP-exclusive new list of cheapest cars to insure by car research and shopping site Premiums also are affected by your ZIP code and whether you live in a rural or urban area. It's among the "most important and statistically valid tools to predict the likelihood of a person filing a claim and the likely cost of that claim," says Loretta Worters, vice president at the Insurance Information Institute.It might be tempting to think about travel abroad, but if your wallet is a little less padded these days, adventuring domestically might be a better option.If you’re in need of a little R&R without insane costs, look no further, because just released a list of cheap, most highly rated travel destinations for 2017. From coast to coast and from the mountains to desert to white sandy beaches, it will be difficult to say no to a long weekend away in at least one of these vacation destinations.Avalon is on Santa Catalina Island, and the southern-most city in Los Angeles County.Its total square footage is only 2.9 square miles, and offers a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.With over 600 advertisers and 300,000 publishers our network has an unrivalled reach.

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There are plenty of new cars that emit less than 100g/km of CO2 and are in road tax band A as a result.

You pay nothing in vehicle excise duty (VED) for these cars, which helps to reduce running costs, but which are the cars that promise the lowest costs of all?

In general, the least-expensive types of vehicles to insure tend to be SUVs, minivans, pickups and very small cars.

"In general, car insurance rates tend to flatten out between age 40 [through] your 60s, then in your 70s start to be on the rise again." Fans of sporty vehicles or family sedans, be forewarned: Low insurance premiums won't necessarily match your vehicle preferences.

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