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Through litigating sentencing issues, they learned more about how powerful mitigation evidence can be.

”) Joanna is there, in theater after theater, to remind Steve that he, too, is in possession of that classic Sorkenian preoccupation: “better angels.” She is there to reprimand and cajole him into some semblance of human decency. There’s an inherent equality to the tension between Steve and Joanna in all this, an inherent balance that blends Newtonian physics and that even older of things: human camaraderie. It speaks to a time when women are gaining a semblance of equality in the workplace. That the “they” in question were co-workers was not, at the time, considered​ problematic.Fewer than three hours later, the girl was found unharmed near where she was last seen and returned to her legal guardian, who's her paternal grandmother, according to court records.Green was arrested for violating a court custody order that barred her from unsupervised contact with her child.It’s also a notably asexual discussion about sex: The CEO’s question to the woman the movie frames as his Marketing Director Friday isn’t a come-on, really; it’s simply an intellectual wondering.If relationships are operating systems, Steve wants to understand this one a little bit better. The two haven’t slept together not just because she has decided against it, she suggests, but because sex was never a possibility in the first place. Joanna is not, to be clear, a great cinematic figure.

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