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In 2013, bilateral merchandise trade between Canada and Cambodia exceeded 0 million, with Canada ranking as one of Cambodia’s most important destination countries for its exports.Canada-Cambodia relations have matured with closer cooperation on a variety of issues, such as strengthening democracy, promoting human rights and the rule of law, development cooperation in sustainable economic growth (including landmine clearance and land administration), food security, and global and regional security.Secular groups as well as the Church are concerned about this recent shift in moral values.Continuing the theme ‘Lasting Love Waits’ introduced by a joint church initiative in Phnom Penh a year ago, Family FM broadcast special programs this year in the run-up to St Valentine’s Day.Often it’s seen as an occasion for sex between dating couples - a growing trend here, fuelled by Hollywood movies, the internet and other global media.Sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies and broken hearts are all too often the outcome.

The guy calls their phone number, knowing full well it is a "wrong number" (they ask for someone who is not associated with the number).Canada’s relations with the Kingdom of Cambodia are managed by the Embassy of Canada in Bangkok which opened an office in Phnom Penh in September 2015.Consular services for Canadians in Cambodia are available through that office. Canada bilateral relationship with Cambodia have spanned many decades, dating back to the Indochina conflict when Canada participated in the International Control and Supervision Commission established in 1953.Sometimes, the caller does not even pretend to be calling a wrong number.He comes right out and say it: "Srey Sa-at ["pretty girl"] blah blah blah..." I know because I have had to deal with such calls myself.

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