Cost of updating electrical system

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Hint: If you, like us in the beginning, know nothing about RV electrical systems, perhaps it would be best to read through our RV Electrical Systems page before trudging through this page.

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And we certainly didn't want to run our generator all the time.

:) We knew we could easily hang out for a week on our holding tanks and our fresh water capacity, but our pitiful single house battery was just not cutting it.Through deployment and demonstration activities to commercialize electric drive vehicles, many stakeholders are improving technologies for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), all-electric vehicles (EVs), and electric charging infrastructure.Deploying electric charging equipment requires cooperation from retailers, municipalities, installers, and consumers.This location should be used for the motor loads with high inertia, where disconnecting the motor with the power capacitor bank can turn the motor into a self excited generator, motors that are jogged, plugged or reversed, motors that start frequently, multi-speed motors, starters that disconnect and reconnect capacitor units during cycling and starters with open transition.Larger, more cost effective capacitor banks can be installed as they supply kvar to several motors.

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